Preesa Adeline Bullington

Co-Owner / Baker

Preesa hails from the land of trees and moss. Growing up in Seattle she learned to appreciate nature, fresh ingredients and the truly delicious properties of a Rainier cherry. When not in the bakery you can find her working with Eco-Theatre company Superhero Clubhouse as a Core Member, or the dance-theater collective Current Harbor, with whom she recently designed the costumes for 59RPM at HERE ARTS. You can also find her anywhere a cat might be.

Michael minahan           

Co-Owner / Director of Development

Michael is an artist working (primarily) in theater as a set designer & painter. He is committed to pushing the boundaries of ethical practices in object–making. His role with Brooklyn Whiskers began the moment Preesa came home and declared "we're going to open a bakery!"  You can follow his work outside of the cafe at




Chai & plum

Earth Angel Fur Babies

Chai and Plum are Preesa and Michael's furry children. Were it not for their mutual admiration for felines and each other, Brooklyn Whiskers may never have been.